Tips for Results

Will the Ag Flag work in windy conditions?

The answer is Yes! We find 2 release strips work the best when windy. This gives you a better anchor. Also recommend you put a rubber band around the flag before you attach it to the ground to help keep it from flapping in the wind. By following these tips you will have the best results in windy conditions. Please note that 2 strips will delay the flag from popping up. You should plan for 1extra minute for the flag to pop up over the single strip release time.

Will the Ag Flag work in heavy dew conditions?

We have a specially designed Dew Release strip for these conditions. The Dew Strip has a plastic sleeve covering the paper. The sleeve has a hole in the bottom allowing the floodwater to contact the paper at the bottom only. For best results attach the flag and Dew strip to the soil while it is dry. You may need to clear away a small patch of vegetation to expose the dry ground. Early and late season irrigations are when you may experience this need.

Is the stake strong enough to hammer into hard soil?

Yes! The stake has been designed to allow you to push it into the soil with your foot in some cases. Other harder ground may require the hammer method. The stake is made from high impact plastic and should have no problem taking the beating. If you do experience a problem with the stake please contact Flag-R-Mon flag product for a replacement.

How far away from the stake should I attach the flag to the ground?

The stake has a spike tethered to it with a heavy fishing line. This line serves two purposes. One is to keep track of the spike. We do not want any steel spikes left in your field. Second is to show you the correct distance from the stake to attache the flag to the ground. This distance give you the proper tension on the flagpole to insure the paper strip will tear quickly when the floodwater contacts it. You should note that the flagpole should be in the upright position. This also insures the proper tension on the release strip.

How long until the flag pops up after the water hits the Release Strip?

In most cases the flag will Pop Up in less than 60 seconds. This can vary if the flagpole is not straight up and down. A flagpole leaning forward may delay the Pop Up time. A flagpole leaning back can make the flag Pop Up too early. We find that 2 release strips take more than double the release.

Are there any other uses for the Ag Flag?

Several of our customers have suggested they will use the Ag Flag as a marker flag to help protect their field irrigation valves. Placing the bright orange flag on the 5’ pole near a valve, or hazard in the field can help the equipment operator to see the object and tell them to avoid that area. This can help save many hours of needless work and expense.