Many inventions or tools come from the need to help you save time, money, and to make your job easier. The Ag Flag is another tool to help you do just that. My big need was to stop flooding out the driveway at the end of our pasture. My wife asked me, why do you always flood out the driveway? Isn’t there some way to tell when you have just the right amount of water in the field? So these simple questions put the wheels in motion.

In designing the Ag Flag it was my intention to “Keep It Simple” and Inexpensive! We feel the Ag Flag accomplishes this concept very well. Many of the best tools are not complicated. They are simple and durable without complicated mechanisms to increase cost or fail in the field. The Ag Flag requires No batteries, No Programming, No complicated set up. Quality components make the Ag Flag very durable. Its simple design helps lower your overall cost of use.