Step 1: Drive the plastic stake into the soil at water shutoff location. Insert the flag pole into the stake.

Step 2: Bend the flag over touching to the ground using the tethered steel spike and patented paper release strip.

Step 3: When the water reaches the water shut off location, it will wet the paper, allowing it to tear and the Ag-Flag will pop up.

Bingo! Your water has arrived and it is time to move to the next set.

The Ag Flag is a simple marker flag system intended to show you when your flood irrigation water reaches that “Water Shut Off Location” in your field or crop. Experienced irrigators know where this location is in their field, row or check. In the past, you may have marked it by a fence post at the edge of the field, or an object in the field that will float, a piece of wood or any number of ways. Some irrigators time their water flow to estimate when the water should reach its “Water Shut Off Location”. Some irrigators “Look for the Birds” to tell them where the water is. Until now the best way was to walk out into the field and see where the waters progress is. All of these methods that have been used in the past before the introduction of the Ag Flag.

The Ag Flag kit includes a heavy-duty plastic stake with a tethered steel spike, a 5’ tall fiberglass flagpole with a bright orange flag with reflector strip at the top. Also included are up to 24 of our patented paper Release strips.

The stake is driven into the soil at your “Water Shut Off Location”. Then the flagpole is placed into the hole in the stake. The irrigator will then bend the flag attaching it to the ground with the tethered spike and the paper release strip. Now you wait for the floodwater to make contact with the paper release strip. When this occurs the paper will dissolve and tear allowing the flag to “Pop Up”. This signals you that the water has arrived and it is time to change your water to the next set or shut it off completely.

Since the flag is a bright orange color and stands 5’ high you can see it from a long distance, up to a mile away. While irrigating at night the reflective tape on the flag allow you to see the flag with a good flashlight or the headlights on your vehicle. None of these other methods mentioned earlier can claim these features and benefits.