The Ag Flag is designed to signal you when your water reaches your “Water Shut Off Location” it can help you save money and water the first time you use it.

Who can Benefit from using the Ag Flag?

Everyone who flood irrigates a crop can save using the Ag Flag. The Ag Flag was designed to indicate the location of water when flood irrigating. It can be used in a furrow, ditch, check, row, block or even an open field.

Irrigated crops that can benefit from using the Ag Flag include, Berries, Alfalfa, Corn, Grapes, Permanent Pasture, Sweet Potatoes, Almonds, Walnuts, Orchard Crops, Tomatoes, Beans, and Rice. The list goes on and on for the crops that can benefit from using the Ag Flag to help control costs of irrigation.

We are also continuing our research to include uses for the Ag Flag as a moisture indicator when using drip and micro sprinkler irrigation.

How can the Ag Flag help me make money?

The Ag Flag is designed to show you when your irrigation water reaches your “Water Shut Off Location”; it can help you save money the first time you use it. The correct amount of water on your crop is vital to a healthy crop. Too much water floods out the bottom of your crop and can damage or even kill it. This allows weeds to grow and contaminate the rest of your crop. If this occurs the value of your crop can be reduced. If you do not get enough water on your crop the same happens. So proper irrigation using the Ag Flag can help improve your crop yield and quality. The Ag Flag can help you eliminate your tail water altogether. This saves you big bucks and helps conserves water. Everybody wants and needs to save water.

The high visibility features of the Ag Flag allow the irrigator to monitor the irrigation from a distance. This feature of the Ag Flag allows the irrigator to multi task and stays aware of the water location. This helps save you labor and is another moneymaking feature of the Ag Flag.

The Ag Flag is a reusable irrigation tool that can last for multiple irrigation seasons. Less water applied to the crop means less time irrigating. No need to spend extra time putting excess water on your field without any benefit.

Save Water, Save Time, Save Labor, Reduce Weeds, Improve Crop Yield and Quality. All of these savings features help Make You Money with the Ag Flag!

How much does the Ag Flag Cost?

Lets look at the real cost of the Ag Flag. The retail price for a 24 pack of AG Flags is $478.80. This package allows you to irrigate 24 locations 24 times each.

If we divide the purchase price by the 24 sets of flags and consider we can use each flag set 24 times the actual cost of each use is around $.84. After the initial 24 uses, you can purchase additional replacement paper Release Strips at less than $.20 each. Where can you get a tool that costs you so little to use and have such a big potential to make you money? How much water & labor must you save to pay for the $.84 per use? How much water & labor can you save to make big $$$ using the Ag Flag to help you irrigate more efficiently?

What is in the Ag Flag Kit?

The Kit includes:

  • 1 – Heavy-Duty plastic stake with a tethered steel spike.
  • 1 – 5 ‘ X 3/16” dia. flagpole with bright orange nylon flag with high intensity reflective tape strip.
  • 12 – 24 Paper release strips. (Depends on the size of package purchased.) 2-pack = 12 strips, 6-pack = 16 strips, 12-pack = 20 strips, 24-pack & 120-pack = 24 strips per Kit